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Decennial Census: Summary File 3 Demographic ProfileThe census of population and housing, taken by the Census Bureau in years ending in 0 (zero). Article I of the Constitution requires that a census be taken every ten years for the purpose of reapportioning the U.S. House of Representatives. Title 13 of the U. S. Code provides the authorization for conducting the census in Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. After each decennial census, the results are released to the public in a variety of ways, including publishing multiple series of reports titled Census of Population and Housing. The abbreviation for these reports was CPH for some decades (including 1990 and 2010) and PHC for some decades (including 1970 and 2000).2000decsf3profileAggregategeographiesvariablesgroupsexamplesdocumentationhttps://api.census.gov/data/2000/dec/sf3profile