Census Data API: Variables in /data/2015/pep/population/variables
NameLabelConceptRequiredAttributesLimitPredicate TypeGroup
19 variables
CONCITConsolidated city FIPS codeEstimatesnot required0int N/A
COUNTYCounty FIPS codeEstimatesnot required0int N/A
COUSUBMinor Civil Division FIPS codeEstimatesnot required0int N/A
DATE_DateEstimatesdefault displayed0int N/A
DENSITYPopulation density as of July 1 of the vintage year onlyEstimatesnot required0int N/A
DIVISIONCensus Division CodeEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
forCensus API FIPS 'for' clauseCensus API Geography Specificationpredicate-only0fips-for N/A
FUNCSTATFunctional Status CodeEstimatesnot required0int N/A
GEONAMEAll geo names seperated by commasEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
inCensus API FIPS 'in' clauseCensus API Geography Specificationpredicate-only0fips-in N/A
LASTUPDATELast UpdateEstimatesnot required0int N/A
NATIONNationEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
PLACEPlace FIPS codeEstimatesnot required0int N/A
POPPopulationEstimatesnot required0int N/A
PRIMGEOFLAGPrimitive Geography Flag(1=Yes; 0=No)Estimatesnot required0int N/A
REGIONCensus Regional CodeEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
STATEState FIPS codeEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
SUMLEVSummary LevelEstimatesnot required0(not a predicate) N/A
UNIVERSEUniverseEstimatesdefault displayed0string N/A