Census API: Datasets in /data/2019/pdb and its descendants
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2 datasets
Census Planning Database: Block GroupThe PDB is a database of U.S. housing, demographic, socioeconomic and operational statistics based on select 2010 Decennial Census and select 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates. Data are provided at the census block group level of geography. These data can be used for many purposes, including survey field operations planning2019pdbblockgroupAggregategeographiesvariablesgroupssortsexamplesdocumentationhttp://api.census.gov/data/2019/pdb/blockgroup
Census Planning Database: Tract LevelNo description provided by data sponsor2019pdbtractAggregategeographiesvariablesgroupssortsexamplesdocumentationhttp://api.census.gov/data/2019/pdb/tract