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Time Series Small Area Health Insurance Estimates: Small Area Health Insurance EstimatesThe Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) is the only source of single-year health insurance coverage estimates for all U.S. counties. SAHIE data can be used to analyze geographic variation in health insurance coverage, as well as disparities in coverage by race/ethnicity, sex, age and income levels that reflect thresholds for state and federal assistance programs. SAHIE are model-based enhancements of the American Community Survey (ACS) estimates, created by integrating additional information from administrative records, postcensal population estimates, and decennial census data. SAHIE methodology employs statistical modeling techniques to combine this supplemental information with survey data to produce estimates that are more reliable.N/AtimeserieshealthinssahieN/Ageographiesvariablesgroupsexamplesdocumentationhttps://api.census.gov/data/timeseries/healthins/sahie