Census Data API: Variables in /data/timeseries/idb/1year/variables
NameLabelConceptRequiredAttributesLimitPredicate TypeGroup
8 variables
AGESingle year of age from 0-100+Age and Sexrequired0int N/A
AREA_KM2Area in square kilometersGeographic Characteristicsnot required0int N/A
FIPSFIPS country/area codeGeographic Characteristicsnot required0string N/A
NAMECountry or area nameGeographic Characteristicsnot required0string N/A
POPTotal mid-year populationTotal Midyear Populationnot required0int N/A
SEXSexAge and Sexdefault displayed0int N/A
timeISO-8601 Date/Time valueCensus API Date/Time Specificationrequired, predicate-only0datetime N/A
YRYearRequired variablenot required0int N/A