Census Data API: Variables in /data/timeseries/poverty/saipe/schdist/variables
NameLabelConceptRequiredAttributesLimitPredicate TypeGroup
18 variables
forCensus API FIPS 'for' clauseCensus API Geography Specificationpredicate-only0fips-for N/A
GEOCATSummary Level (950= Elementary, 960= Secondary, 970= Unified)not required0int N/A
GEOIDCombined codes for the reference geographynot required0string N/A
GRADEGrade Range of Districtnot required0string N/A
inCensus API FIPS 'in' clauseCensus API Geography Specificationpredicate-only0fips-in N/A
LEAIDSchool District IDnot required0int N/A
SAEPOV5_17RV_PTRelevant Age 5 to 17 in Families in Povertynot required0int N/A
SAEPOV5_17V_PTRelevant Age 5 to 17 in Povertynot required0int N/A
SAEPOVALL_PTAll ages in Poverty, Count Estimatenot required0(not a predicate) N/A
SAEPOVRAT5_17RV_PTRelevant Age 5 to 17 Poverty Ratio Estimatenot required0int N/A
SD_NAMEDistrict Namenot required0(not a predicate) N/A
SDELMGeographynot required0(not a predicate) N/A
SDSECGeographynot required0(not a predicate) N/A
SDUNIGeographynot required0(not a predicate) N/A
STATEState Fips Codenot required0string N/A
timeISO-8601 Date/Time valueCensus API Date/Time Specificationrequired, predicate-only0datetime N/A
TRIBALSUBGeographynot required0(not a predicate) N/A
YEAREstimate Yearnot required0int N/A